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  • You need a Criminal Lawyer if you:

    • are being investigated by police • have been stopped by police • have been called by police • have been detained or arrested by police • are a disqualified driver or you have evaded police.
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  • Criminal Lawyers Brisbane

    Mulcahy Ryan Lawyers is a leading criminal defence law firm with more than 25 years experience practising exclusively in criminal law. Mulcahy Ryan Lawyers achieve excellence through living and actioning our core values – preparation, performance, success.
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  • Choosing a Criminal Lawyer

    You need an experienced criminal law lawyer that can guide you through the complexities of the criminal justice system. You need a criminal lawyer who will vigorously protect your rights and diligently represent you with compassion and understanding... Read More
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Mulcahy Ryan Criminal Lawyers Brisbane

Welcome to Mulcahy Ryan Lawyers

Our team, Ms Wendy Mulcahy and Mr Brendan Ryan are experienced and committed practitioners who will provide you with practical advice.

Know your rights

You need a Criminal Lawyer if you:

  • Are being investigated by Police
  • Have been stopped by Police
  • Have been called by Police
  • Have been detained or arrested by Police
  • Are a disqualified driver or you have evaded Police
  • Are a high range drink driver

If this happens, you need to immediately contact Mulcahy Ryan Lawyers, Criminal Lawyers.


If English is not your first language...

> Nếu tiếng Anh không phải là ngôn ngữ đầu tiên của bạn và bạn đã bị buộc tội với tội phạm hình sự

> 如果英語不是你的母語,你被指控犯有刑事罪

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