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What can we do for you?


Mulcahy Ryan Lawyers are committed to providing excellent legal representation. Regardless of whether you are charged with a simple traffic offence or a serious drug or assault matter, Mulcahy Ryan Lawyers can represent you through all phases of the court process.

Experienced Legal Advocates

Both Brendan Ryan and Wendy Mulcahy are experienced advocates that regularly appear in the Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts.

Regardless of the nature or seriousness of your charges, it is imperative that you obtain timely accurate advice. For example, your initial response to a request for an interview by police and any comment made could shape the course of your matter and restrict available defences.

Criminal Law Changes

There have been a raft of changes to Criminal Law in recent years. The Newman Government has implemented many legislative changes that has had direct implications for our community and the criminal law generally.

Regardless of the seriousness of the charges you are facing, both Brendan Ryan and Wendy Mulcahy will guide you through the justice system with compassion and experienced impartial advice.

Honest and Reliable Legal Advice & Service

Many law firms will claim to be in a position to provide excellent legal advice, based upon their experience in the criminal law. Although this claim is easily made, it is all about the professional service that follows that initial advice that distinguishes Mulcahy Ryan Lawyers from the rest.

Mulcahy Ryan Lawyers will stand with you. Mulcahy Ryan Lawyers will protect and guide you through the legal process with honest advice which you can rely upon and professional service which is unequalled.

No Affiliations or Associations

Mulcahy Ryan Lawyers is not affiliated with any groups or organisations. We have no association with the Queensland Police Service or the Australian Federal Police other than on an adversary basis. Neither Brendan Ryan nor Wendy Mulcahy have ever worked with, nor for, any prosecuting authority. Our lawyers have only ever defended the rights of persons charged with offences. Our priority is ensuring that our clients trust us and we secure the best result for each of our clients. Mulcahy Ryan Lawyers acknowledges that trust works both ways.

Contact Mulcahy Ryan Lawyers Anytime

Unfortunately, the wheels of justice can turn slowly. Sometimes your matter can be before the Court for many months in the different criminal jurisdictions.

We understand that it is important that you obtain information and receive updates about your matter on a regular basis.

Information about the Court process, Court procedures, penalty ranges, engagement of Counsel (barristers) and sentencing considerations are all matters that can cause the client concern.

Both Brendan Ryan and Wendy Mulcahy are accessible and contactable via their mobile phones. Additionally, we have an answering service that can email your message immediately to our lawyers out of hours. We understand that there are times when you need urgent legal advice and we try to ensure availability no matter what the hour.

Brendan Ryan and Wendy Mulcahy have a flexible approach to client management and are prepared to accomodate your conference availability at a time that does not impact upon your work obligations.

Both Brendan Ryan and Wendy Mulcahy are aware of the acute anxiety that criminal charges can have upon you as the client but also on your family. We at Mulcahy Ryan Lawyers have years of experience in navigating and dealing with the fears, hurt and worries that are often aggravated by the length of time the court takes to finalise the trial or sentencing process.

Integrity at Mulcahy Ryan Lawyers

Here at Mulcahy Ryan Lawyers, we place integrity at the top of the chain. We utilize it as a compass every day, whether it is in the court room, our offices or even your lounge room. It guides our interactions with others, and prevents us from engaging in conduct that undermines what we stand for.

But what really is this notion of integrity? Surely it is more than a buzzword used on a resume. Integrity encompasses the idea of holding ourselves to a higher moral standard, and consistently meeting such standard.


It is essentially the framework in which we maintain our values. Commonly undervalued and hardly mentioned, yet here at Mulcahy Ryan Lawyers it is worth more then anything.


It is a recipe consisting of very little. Honesty, morals and self-accountability is all it takes to make. But sometimes the simplest recipes take the most effort in practice, for integrity requires us to always do the right thing, especially when it is difficult.

It is embodied by doing what is right and aligns with your morals, whether or not there is an audience.


Integrity is fragile, and because of this it is valuable. It can be lost in an instant, and take a thousand moments to rebuild. We take this framework of values wherever we go, and trust it to ensure our representation and advice is always honest and of high standards.


If we were in the position to recommend a person to another criminal law firm that wasn’t our own, it would always be towards lawyers that value their own integrity above winning.


We believe that without trueness and honestly to ones values, a lawyer cannot function. No amount of intelligence, practicability or resources can outweigh the importance of integrity within a law firm and arguably society.


This is what we want our clients to know, that every step of the way, what we are aware of, they are.

Integrity builds trust, a resource more valuable than any currency. Without the trust of our clients and colleagues, our business wouldn’t function.


This is not a firm that lives by the notion of ‘the end justifies the means’. The means are everything.

For any matters concerning the Criminal Law, Contact us on 07 3839 1481.



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