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Hello Wendy,

Thank you very much for your thoughtful email. L & I enjoyed a nice lunch and then a quiet afternoon yesterday as the weight of the past three months eased away.

We both know that the outcome was a very fortunate one and are extremely grateful for the genuine care and compassion shown by you and Brendan throughout the case preparation. We also know that ultimately the compassion then shown by the magistrate on the day was a blessing.

I’m certain that this whole unfortunate experience will have real positives for Luke, especially given the supportive people he has encountered along the way, such as you and Brendan. It makes an enormous difference feeling the care and concern of others who want to ease the load.

You guys are doing brilliant work and are no doubt saving many people who without such care, concern and dedication may have further negative impacts on their lives that could have been avoided.

Best regards


Thank you sincerely for everything you have done for me over the past 2 years. I am still very embarrassed about my actions/behaviours, however, I am working very hard to work through these issues with the guidance of my doctor. Without you and Brendan having the belief and confidence in me, I would have been lost – I will be eternally grateful. I can move forward with strength and ready to make some positive changes in my life. Wishing you & Brendan blessings this Christmas and throughout 2012.

Lots of love & gratitude

To: Brendan Ryan; Wendy Mulcahy

Subject: Thank you!

Thank you so much for all your hard work over the past two years (!) in preparing my case. I could not have been in safer hands, and the result achieved today is all thanks to you. I am so glad that the hard part is over – of course I still have to be diligent in completing my treatment and probation obligations, but I feel now the weight has been lifted this will be comparatively easy.

I feel like I have been given a second (and final) chance – I really can’t thank you enough. You can rest assured that I will take this chance with both hands, and I have plans to once again succeed in life. I’ve been in awe of your legal skills, but more importantly your compassion and understanding – and different from all the public servants who I encountered, never once did I feel judged. Thank you so much for that.

Brendan, I have taken your recommendations to heart and have started to make changes in my life.

Once again, I simply can’t express my gratitude in words. This whole experience is now behind me, I feel I am a completely different person from whom I was when I first met Brendan in the Arrest Court two years ago. It’s time that I got on with my life and that is what I plan to do.

If either of you will be in the office over the weekend, I’d like to drop off a little something I picked up this afternoon which I’m sure the whole office will enjoy!

Kind regards

Dear Wendy & Brendan,

My apologies for the lateness of this email, which is essentially to tell you how pleased we all are with the outcome of Claire’s case, and to thank you very sincerely for everything you did to achieve this outcome.

Brendan, when Claire and I met very briefly with you some years ago, I knew that you were someone who held values that were aligned with my own. It wasn’t that you said very much, but as I’ve aged, I’ve come to trust my gut feeling about people and to glean a lot from the smallest of cues. When Claire found herself in this latest predicament, I knew immediately what to do.

Wendy, after our first meeting it was equally clear to us that you and Brendan share these same values that I allude to. You both have that very special gift of being able to relate to people on a very human level. Love and compassion are two words that come to mind, although I won’t attempt to put them into a sentence. Sadly, we seem to live in an age in which these qualities are all too rare.

We very much appreciate your words of wisdom to Claire, and specifically your suggestions in relation to how she should address the issues she confronts. She needed to hear these things from somebody outside the family, and we were pleased that you pulled no punches just to make her feel better. We intend to ensure that she continues with her visits to the mental health professionals, and can only hope that these will bear fruit in due course.

Whilst our relationship has been a professional one, it feels more as if we’ve just made two new friends.

Please also convey our thanks to J for her courtesy and patience with my bad hearing!

Warm regards


Brendan Ryan has truly been a blessing to my family, having twice represented me and prevented my being swept into the justice system and being dealt a punishment as a number in a category which bypassed any individual circumstances.

Through Brendan’s meticulous and intimate understanding of the law I was dealt with fairly and granted a just outcome. Brendan took such genuine care of my family and me that we not only felt protected, but also peace of mind in this time of uncertainty and worry – this was so wonderful for my mother and father in particular. Brendan cared so deeply that he took the time to help me grow personally, and after my awful and scary experience with another lawyer is the only person I feel I can trust and have confidence in for a just outcome. Thank you Brendan for taking care of me and my family.


Dear Brendan,

Just a short note to say “Thank-you” so much for your advice regarding my son’s legal matter. He has applied for Legal Aid with another firm and the matter is going to the DPP as per your advice. I will certainly recommend your services to others – it was just unfortunate we were not in a financial position to utilise your services.

Your kindness is very much appreciated.

Kind regards


Our society needs more lawyers like Brendan Ryan. Brendan is a criminal lawyer with a heart and these days this is very hard to find. I remember the first time I spoke to Brendan and coming away telling my family about him. I couldn’t believe his caring attitude towards his clients and also was impressed by his empathy and compassion when talking about their needs.

I did not know I would need a criminal lawyer. My son who had been battling mental illness for a long time needed legal help. My chance talking to Brendan led me to ask for his help and advice in my moment of desperation not long ago. I cannot describe my relief and how grateful I was to him for his offer to help us. He gave me peace of mind when I was struggling very hard as a mother.

He stepped into our family's lives and provided everything we needed to get through a very difficult time. He offered support, expertise and experience to us as a family and I believe anyone that needed Brendan, and had him working for them, very lucky indeed.

A heartfelt thanks Brendan


I wish to thank you for the time you have given. I understand you are a very busy man and cannot thank you enough. My mother has had high blood pressure and your words have helped me to such an extent that since I have been home mums blood pressure has returned to normal. She also is able to relax knowing that you are representing me. Thank you for your valuable time.

Kind regards

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