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Traffic Offences

Most traffic offences are covered by the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995 and the Criminal Code Act 1899. This is a complicated area of law that often requires clients to seek professional legal advice.

If you have been charged with a traffic offence, or require some indication in relation to penalty, contact Mulcahy Ryan Lawyers for a no-obligation consultation.

There are several options available for a person who has lost his/her driver licence. If you think your personal circumstances may require a work licence, or a special hardship licence, you should contact Mulcahy Ryan Lawyers immediately.

Special Hardship Applications are complex and are often refused in the event a Magistrate is not provided with the appropriate documentation to support the making of a Special Hardship Order. The application must be supported by significant affidavit material and unrepresented people will be disadvantaged because of their lack of knowledge of the differing legal requirements of the legislation. Proving "special hardship" can be extremely difficult, even for lawyers.

Work Licences are available to most applicants who have been charged with a drink driving offence which is under the high range of 0.15. The application must relate to a mid or low range drink driving offence. It is not available in any other circumstances. People can often represent themselves in these applications but should obtain some legal advice to ensure the best result.

There are many traffic offences for which you do not need legal representation. We will advise you if we do not believe you need Mulcahy Ryan Lawyers.

Our expertise can be relied upon if you are charged with a mid to high range drink driving offence, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, and fail to stop a vehicle when directed by a police officer. These are the common traffic offences for which you will need us.

You will also need our advice and representation if you are charged with a disqualified driving offence. Such an offence is regarded in the criminal justice system as a contempt of a magistrate's order and is therefore a serious offence.

The starting point for you in relation to any offence is a phone call.

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