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Criminal Offences

Any investigation by Police which results in a criminal charge is going to end up in court. Many people have found to their detriment that engaging with Police, before obtaining legal advice from Mulcahy Ryan Lawyers, has resulted in a long partnership with the criminal justice system. We can promise a much shorter engagement if our advice is followed.

You must expect that the criminal justice process will be worrying.

What do you do to ease the anxiety? Contact us.

Family members and caring friends will often attempt to convince you to speak to a police officer without the need to first contact a lawyer. We understand that your family and friends are well-intentioned but their advice is wrong.

If you do have to stand in a Courtroom dock, you will want to know that your Criminal Lawyer will not be restricted in his/her defence by conversations you had with investigating police before you received sound legal advice. By following our advice, you will know that we at Mulcahy Ryan Lawyers are in the best position to prepare your defence; you will know what is happening in your case preparation and how it impacts you; you will know the direction we are taking; you will know what we expect will happen when the matter proceeds to trial or sentence.

Being informed is key to reducing your anxiety and that of your family members through the court process.


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